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Read What Our Clients Say:

“As a board member, living in a condominium association was very stressful until you came along. Thank you for making myself and my fellow board members realize how to enjoy our homes again.”

Katherine C.

“Thank you for not taking vendor estimates or invoices at face value. It is comforting knowing you’ll negotiate a contract or question an invoice as if the dollars are coming directly from your own pockets.”

Anne B.

“Ben – you are spoiling the entire Association! We are not accustomed to such terrific service. On behalf of the board and the entire membership, your effort on keeping our Association healthy in every way is sincerely appreciated.”

Andrea D.

“You are the dictionary’s new definition for Customer Service!”

Jill V.

“The positive changes that have come about since we brought you on board four months ago surpasses what the previous management company did for four years. Where were you four years ago? Your hard work on behalf of the HOA is recognized by all.”

Timothy C.

“Ben – You are on-of-a-kind! With our previous management company, every time we had an emergency, they would call a contractor from the comfort of their office and we would wait hours if not until the next day for service. If we were so fortunate, they would call us a couple days later asking for a status report on the repairs made. When asked if they came to the building to see what has been repaired, the standard response was we have a visit scheduled for next week.

You, on the other hand, are the consummate professional. Your work ethic is opposite of every management company the Association has had. Asked when you can come to the building for an unscheduled meeting or a site inspection with the board, you look at your watch and not the calendar. When requesting a copy of a financial report, you ask if we want it to be e0mailed or faxed we were use to waiting a week). Last Spring when we had three separate emergency calls, each vendor you contacted arrived within an hour and you arrived within moments after each all. On the enclosed sheet, you will find the signatures of all 26 homeowners acknowledging the fine work you do for our Association. You are definitely one of a kind.”

Jaque C.

“Ben, thank you for coming to our building as quickly as you did when our water pipe burst on the third floor. You came to our building within 15 minutes of my call! Your quick response in turning off the main water valve definitely saved the personal property of many homeowners; not to mention extensive damage to the building.”

Louis B.

“Everyone in the building compliments me on a job well done. The landscape is meticulous, the building is as clean as can be and we are increasing our reserves every month. I hope you don’t mind if I take the credit.”

Richard E.

“I have no doubt our Association would have overpaid for our new roof and water storage tank if it wasn’t for your knowledge and background in construction and development. Thank you.”

Robert M.

“I couldn’t believe it when I pulled up to the garage to see you standing in the planter box drenched in water from head to toe. It wasn’t until I mention to Beth what I saw that she explained you had redirected the water flow of a broken pipe to avoid water damage coming into Susie’s living room from an open window. When you say you are ‘hands-on’ manager, you definitely mean it. Enclosed you will find a set of new, 100% cotton towels courtesy of the entire Association as a small token of our thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty.”

Jimmy P.

“It took a while to find new management, but it was time WELL SPENT! You have exceeded our expectations. We are very appreciative.”

Veronica R.

“As a new building we were in the dark in both the administrative and physical management of our property. The board cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance in dealing with the array of issues confronting us. We were literally overwhelmed. After a day’s work at our regular jobs, we no longer come home to our second job - dealing with all the building related matters we had struggled with previously. What a relief! Thank. Thank you. Thank you.”

Renee G.

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