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Is Your Managing Agent Certified?

Stressing the importance of education in community association management, since 1973 the Community Associations Institute (CAI – a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of responsible management and governing of community associations), established a Management Development Program to educate mangers in their specific field of community management. To summarize, the process entails meeting specific requirements and qualifications (including abiding by a strict Code of Ethics).

To earn the CMCA® (Certified Manger of Community Association) certification, educational materials included (but are not limited to) ethics, insurance, basic law, leadership and general procedures regarding assessments, budgeting and the governing of community associations.

Additional course studies include risk and crisis management, financial management, contract negotiations, legal statues, assessment collections, emergency preparedness, community governance, implementation of policies and procedures, communication, bid processing, vendor interaction, maintenance procedures and many more items involving the health and well-being of your homeowners association.

Allstate HOA Management retains certified managers who also attend continuing educational courses and seminars as they pertain to the ever changing climate to effectively manage your homeowners association.

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Is Your Manager Certified?
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